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SAVE UP TO R2,500* On The Enrolment Fee! 

*Offer valid till 31st August 2023 

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About Us

Welcome to Dibber

We provide Early Childhood Development with the aim of making every child feel valuable and becoming the best versions of themselves. We are driven by heart, and we can guarantee that you will experience this in every Dibber facility. Our heart culture unifies us in our belief that everyone is valuable and deserves to have the opportunity to recognize their intrinsic value and thrive. 


Dibber manages over 600 Early Childhood Education Centers across 10 countries. That is over 40,000 children who learn new skills, build competencies, create fond memories and new friendships, and experience mastery every single day. 

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Make Way for the Limited-time Winter Special Offer! 

We are excited to announce our Winter Special Offer on the enrolment fee for all our 12 campuses! Enrol and ensure that your little one has a childhood filled with joy, friendships, and play. Let them learn new skills early on and establish a foundation for lifelong learning, development, and future success. 

Are you ready to experience Dibber’s world-class facilities, warm-hearted qualified people, safe and spacious outdoor and indoor play areas, bright and sunny classrooms, and the Nordic way of learning? We are here to help you through it all! 

Note: This is a limited period offer that is valid till 31st August 2023. 

Where Are Our 12 Schools? 

  • Bedfordview

  • Brooklyn

  • Bryanston

  • Eldoraigne

  • Fairlands

  • Fourways

  • Highveld

  • Midrand

  • Morningside

  • Rivonia

  • Rosebank

  • Silverlakes

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What Does Being Part of Dibber Mean to Your Child?

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Our Heart Culture

At Dibber, we believe it is important for children to experience a strong heart culture and develop a good self-image. Through play and everyday activities, we want to foster inclusive communities.

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Playful Learning 

Traditionally, play and learning have been seen as opposites, with freedom of play on one hand and learning on the other hand. At Dibber, we strive to change this approach. Through play, children learn to use all their senses, interact and develop their social skills, experience empathy and self-worth.

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Holistic Child Development 

We always follow each individual child's needs, experiences, skills and knowledge when planning learning opportunities and activities. We then ensure progression by regularly introducing new elements to provide challenges, inspire self-confidence and facilitate learning.

Global Presence

Our Locations

At Dibber, we aim at preparing the young minds for today and the days to come. We empower our children to be the best version of themselves and master life.

Our Global Presence

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We Combine Nordic Pedagogy with World- Class Curriculum

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