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We combine Nordic pedagogy with world class curriculum.

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At Dibber we go to work because we know that we have an important role to play in the most important task there is to make children feel valuable, to give them self-worth and develop their curiosity for life long learning.

Our Learning Approach

Traditionally, play and learning have been as opposites with the freedom of play on one hand and learning organized by adults on the other. However, at Dibber, we have identified that playful techniques can yield the best results when it comes to early years' education and care service. As such, we lay great emphasis on structured learning through interactive fun methods to ensure all aspects of a child's social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development needs are met.

Dibber's teaching is shaped by the Norwegian curriculum which is considered among the most respected and progressive in the world, topping international ranking for literacy, mathematics, creativity, and confidence.

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Proven, International Education.

At Dibber, all 9000 plus employees believe that our Nordic roots and international footprint will benefit you, your child and us - together our children will learn to master life.

Our Global Presences

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What does Being part of dibber means to your child?

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Our Heart Culture

At Dibber, we believe it is important for children to experience a strong heart culture and develop a good self-image. Through play and everyday activities, we want to foster inclusive communities.

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Playful Learning 

Traditionally, play and learning have been seen as opposites, with freedom of play on one hand and learning on the other hand. At Dibber, we strive to change this approach.

Holistic Child Development 

At Dibber, we create experiences, friendships, learning opportunities and memories together. We believe that social interactions and relations promote better learning and development.

Our Locations

Across Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa, Dibber develop and manages high quality early childhood education centers. We empower children to be the best version of themselves and master life. Dibber is preparing them for today, the days to come

Curious About Dibber Education?

For more detailed information about where we are going to be located, or our curriculum, please write to us below! 

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