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Why Dibber International Preschool Houghton?

Dibber International Preschools in Houghton is in one of the prestigious and history-rich neighborhoods of Johannesburg. We utilize the neighborhood's resources to enhance the educational experience of our preschoolers, offering enriching activities and excursions that connect them with the community and its history. Our preschool in Houghton is also a heritage site that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for young learners. With our four play areas, both indoors and outdoors, children have ample space to explore, play, and learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

Timings & Other Information

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Additional Facilities

07:00 - 17:30


6 weeks to 5 years

Full Day Fee

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Meals and Snacks Included
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How does Dibber Spark Curiosity and a Love of Learning?

Warm-hearted & Engaged Educators

Proven Nordic Pedagogy Principles

“Heart Culture” for Lifelong Bonds

Stimulating & Spacious Play Area

Highest standards of safety for children

Dibber Meal as a Learning Concept

Globally Connected. Locally Loved.


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Charlene Biggs

Houghton School Manager



Parent Testimonials 

- Dibber Parent

- Dibber Parent

- Dibber Parent

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1 Saint David Lane,

Houghton, Johannesburg

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