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Why Dibber International Preschool Bryanston?

Nestled in the upscale suburb of Johannesburg, Dibber International Preschools in Bryanston provides a rich learning environment surrounded by diverse industries, offering children a glimpse into the world of various professions and career possibilities. Our creche in Bryanston is surrounded by verdant parks and natural reserves, fostering a love for outdoor exploration, physical activity, and a deep connection with nature. With Grade R classes available, we ensure a strong start to your child's educational journey. Come join us at Dibber International creche Bryanston, where every day is a learning adventure!

Timings & Other Information

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07:00 - 17:30


1 to 6 years

Full Day Fee

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Meals and Snacks Included
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How does Dibber Spark Curiosity and a Love of Learning?

Warm-hearted & Engaged Educators

Proven Nordic Pedagogy Principles

“Heart Culture” for Lifelong Bonds

Stimulating & Spacious Play Area

Highest standards of safety for children

Dibber Meal as a Learning Concept

Globally Connected. Locally Loved.


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Debra Wallace

Bryanston School Manager


Parent Testimonials 

- Dibber Parent

- Dibber Parent

- Dibber Parent

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200 Bryanston Drive, 

Bryanston, 2191

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