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Dibber International Pre-School

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Interested in Dibber?

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What is Dibber?

Dibber is the largest operator in the Nordics with over 520 high-quality pre-school in 8 different countries.

Childhood is an infinitely important phase of life, and together with our Dibber parents, we lay a good foundation for our children's growth. We want you to meet generous, warm and knowledgeable people in our p
re-school and know that your child gets personalized attention and a safe space to explore, play, fail and succeed. In this way, we contribute to all our children having an opportunity to become the best version of themselves.

Our promise to you as parents and caretakers is that we will work together to establish a social learning arena that would make the world's most important resource thrive!


What Does Being Part of Dibber Mean for Your Child?

Proven, International Education

At Dibber, all 9000 plus employees believe that our Nordic roots and international footprint will benefit you, your child and us - together our children will learn to master life.

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Our Heart Culture 

At Dibber, we believe it is important for children to experience a strong heart culture and develop a good self-image. Through play and everyday activities, we want to foster inclusive communities.


At Dibber, we look at the pre-school, and you as the caretakers and parents as ONE COMMUNITY. We want you to feel welcome in the pre-school and know that you are valuable to us. We want you to experience that we are genuinely interested in what is important for you and your child.   

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Playful Learning

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Holistic Child Development 

Traditionally, play and learning have been seen as opposites, with freedom of play on one hand and learning on the other hand. At Dibber, we strive to change this approach.


Through play, children learn to use all their senses, interact and develop their social skills, experience empathy and self-worth. The physical learning environment in pre-school is often referred to as the third teacher. It must be an exciting and well-structured place that inspires curiosity and interaction. 

At Dibber, we create experiences, friendships, learning opportunities and memories together. We believe that social interactions and relations promote better learning and development.


We always follow each individual child's needs, experiences, skills and knowledge when planning learning opportunities and activities. We then ensure progression by regularly introducing new elements to provide challenges, inspire self-confidence and facilitate learning.

Our Global Presence


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Curious About Dibber Education?

For more detailed information about where we are going to be located, or our curriculum, please write to us below! 

Our Locations