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Welcome to Dibber International Preschools!

We welcome children from 6 weeks to 5 years old, and we take enrolments all year round. We’re proud to offer little ones a comforting, homely environment with excellent teachers and caregivers and age-appropriate early learning programs.

About Our Preschools

The early years in a child's life are the most formative and getting them started on the right track of understanding is paramount in ensuring they develop a positive relationship to learning. At Dibber, we focus on this process.

Our education system is developed keeping in mind that every child and their needs are different. In order to ensure their overall development, the child learns at their own pace. We have a well-developed curriculum, but we also stay prepared for impromptu learning as opportunity strikes.

Our Dibber preschools are developed keeping in mind the age and diversity of our children. We aim to ensure each child has exposure to a wide range of activities that they can engage in. These activities are carefully designed for the overall development of your child. 

The foundation of our system is the wonderful staff who make sure each child is given individualised attention. Our staff is well-equipped to guide young minds, nurturing their curiosity and channelling their energy for constructive purposes.

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06:30 - 17:30

Operating Hours

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Full Day Fee


Half Day Fee

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Meals and Snacks Included

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Dibber International Preschools? 


Tessa van Eeden
Bedfordview School Manager

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