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Dibber International Pre-School

Fairlands & Bryanston

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What is Dibber?

Dibber International Kindergarten is a family-owned institution that believes in ensuring each child feels seen, valued and heard. We aim to help raise confident independent adults who are adaptable and kind to the world.  

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Our Educational Belief 

Dibber believes in holistic development of the child. While we do focus on structured classroom education, we do not pass up any impromptu learning opportunity that comes our way. The Nordic curriculum we follow is strongly based on the core belief of learning using joyful, engaging methods. Our educators are well-trained to effectively assess and guide the children based on their individual interests and pace of learning. 

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Our Heart Culture 

It would be incomplete to talk about Dibber without mentioning the Heart Culture that we so strongly propagate. Our heart culture emphasizes the understanding that every living being in the world deserves to be attended with love and care. We hope to imbibe warmth and kindness in all the children that walk through our doors. We understand that empathy is a virtue best practices right from early childhood. 

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Our Curriculum 

Our Nordic curriculum uses a play-based approach to learning. We have 7 learning friends who help us succeed in this endeavor. Each of these friends focus on one of the subjects that is core to our learning: 

Proven, International Education

At Dibber, all 9000 plus employees believe that our Nordic roots and international footprint will benefit you, your child and us - together our children will learn to master life.

Our Global Presence


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Our Locations